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What you should not forget when thinking about changing energy suppliers

May is about discounts, gas prices go the most down from energy. You can go to vcit bag by switching to another supplier. Because you can run into different rocks as you walk, we can help you avoid bumping.

I know some companies are cheaper, others are new to you, on the contrary, to new customers or only to a certain country. Discounts range from you to 11 percent. Most of the suppliers have become cheaper since the meeting of May, of the big ones, such as EZ, RWE, E.ON and Prask plynrensk, it has been added since June.

“When we take the model of a household in the Central Bohemian Region with an annual consumption of 20 MWh, RWE’s discount is 10 percent, PPASodevt, E.ONo three percent for the product FIX2014 for new orders for distribution zemRWE, Centropol for 10 percent for the productOptimum for distribution land RWE, from June, Bohemia energyo will add 10 percent to the new product Guarantee 2013 on the distribution of zemRWE and Bicornosedm percent on the distribution of zemRWE, ”says Tom Such from the portal.

However, this is only one hundred of the total price you pay for gas. Therefore, it is good to analyze the price of gas:

There are mainly two verses – payment for distribution (consists of the price for delivery – fixed price for natural gas consumption and for the services of the operator and a small monthly fee for capacity) and payment for gas supply (It consists of the commodity price – the price for the actual consumption of natural gas at the selected supplier and a long monthly fee for gas storage at the selected supplier).

Do not affect the price for distribution, it is regulated by the Energy Regulations and for all the same. What you can influence is the choice of the supplier to whom you pay for the gas supply. And this is the place where companies state discounts and health. That’s about 80 percent of the total cost you pay for gas.

How much I can

“The fact that the largest supplier is the cheapest, but to go does not mean that they will be one of the cheapest overall and you do not want to go all the way. And by switching to another supplier, ”points out Tom Such.

The model example of a comparison of two suppliers shows that even the announced discount of one does not necessarily mean the end of the dispute.

Ron gas consumption 20 MWh in Stedoeskm county
RWE Standard E.ON Energie Standard
Price list Price according to consumption Price list Price according to consumption
Payment for distribution
Addition 182,06 K/MWh 3 641,20 K 182,06 K/MWh 3 641,20 K
Stl ms. capacity pay 122,29 K 1 467,48 K 122,29 K 1 467,48 K
Payment for gas supply
Commodity price 994,01 K/MWh 19 880,20 K 809,60 K/MWh 16 192,00 K
Stl ms. lobe 106,20 K 1 274,40 K 142,00 K 1 704,00 K
From 21% 5 515,29K 4 830,098 K
Total payment for gas consumption 23 521,40 K 19 833,20 K
Souet stlch msnch charge 2 741,88 K 3 171,48 K
Total ron price 31 778,57K 27 835,66 K
Total dispute: K 3,942.91Source:

It is easy to find out the dispute. If you decide to change the bag, you should be careful. To make it as smooth as possible, follow these tips:

AdviceWhat to keep in mind when considering a change of supplier

  • You can find more offers from a door-to-door retailer on the Internet. The advantage is not only a comparison of the market to only a city, but you can easily change the business conditions and do not sign anything under pressure.
  • Don’t just look for prices. When changing suppliers, take business conditions into account, or give above-standard services and level of communication to the message center.
  • They should be thoroughly acquainted with the contract and business conditions of the supplier. They may also contain various hidden fees (activan, deactivated, etc.), or they are certain for a long time – for example 10 years with a difficult opportunity to tell.
  • So you time the conditions of individual rates and tariffs. For example, if you deny that you will be managing your business over the Internet, you have to take into account that you will pay for free on the customer’s telephone line and similar trifles that could later complicate your life.
  • Be careful when the existing supplier offers the opportunity to fix the price of electricity. Even if the offer looks very suitable at first glance, do not succumb, take the invoice and the price list and sweat. It is often the case that the fixed price offered is not currently offered, even if the supplier promises you a discount or a reduction of a small amount. Given that the price of energy on the stock exchange is falling sharply and according to experts’ forecasts should not rise, you really have to stumble for a while.
  • When concluding (or having) a fixed-term contract, remember that some companies have the date of the contract, not the supply of gas and electricity, while others include deliveries. If you ever terminate the contract later, then on the date that the company accepts.
  • You must also think about the notice well in advance (the specific time is stated in the conditions, especially weekly and monthly before the expiration of the contract). If you do not manage to do so, the company will automatically extend the contract (usually for another year) and the change will then spread uncomfortably.
  • In the case of a classic change of supplier, it is always simple, when the new supplier procures a new supplier for the deposit of the power of attorney, which is part of the contract with the new supplier. The contract must be provided with sufficient time reserve to process it.
  • Be prepared to negotiate with your existing supplier so that you do not leave. As with mobile operators and banks, you can get some personal discounts and suitable offers. Do not bloom, you prefer to go sweat once.
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