Friday May 20, 2022

When he helps to help Eck, he honors it as well as Czech. You weakened me

The most powerful economist in the world today to help the indebted Czech. At a meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Washington, they agreed that actions to save the Czech Republic must be lightning fast. There is a danger that the disease will spread, which could be honored even in Czech.

Eurozone countries have only one entry to find entrances. If they fail, it means threatening the economic recovery from the crisis in the European Union, and thus in the Czech Republic. The indebted countries in the EU are far more besides the Czech Republic, and if they had to be rescued in the same way, ie basically borrowed from the rest of the euro area, the question would soon arise: Who will rescue the saviors?

Otherwise, even the richest nations, such as Germany, cannot support the large economies of Portugal and Spain, which are facing problems similar to those of Greece due to debt. Therefore, some economists warn that the intention to provide about 45 billion euros to the Czech Republic, which will be decided, will still not do anything.

According to Nouriel Roubini, only in 2006 did he predict the outbreak of the financial crisis, international aid to the Czech Republic would turn out badly, because the main problems of the European economy are elsewhere: low competitiveness, undisciplined hardship and a strong euro.

If the rescue fails, the threat in the worst variants of the exit of the most indebted countries of the euro area, the currency of reform, and thus the crushing wealth of the people.

It is certain that such problems would be transferred to the Czech Republic. A clear connection was shown by the financial order from the United States in 2008, which in less than a year turned into a crisis in the real economy in our country as well. If the demand from abroad would then mean less work for companies, he gave a dismissive and probably weak crown.

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The Czech debt and its monch impacts on the Czech Republic and the Czech economy will be published in the Monday issue of MF DNES.

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