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When to give then: bonuses, discounts, beer

You have earned a job and you decide whether to grant it to the financial board. Do it. It’s the right thing to do, and you’ll avoid the complications that come when you find out from elsewhere.

Discount on a well-groomed wife

Pklad: Petr is employed, his wife is at the Rodiovsk with his two-year-old daughter. At the same time, you agree to an agreement on employment. In a year, his income was 60 thousand crowns. Petr applies a tax rebate on one.

When one of the husbands issued a lot, I get a second discount on the tax of 24,840 crowns a year. Give it to me everywhere, his wife (husband) should receive less than 68 thousand crowns a year and at the same time he lived with him in the household.

What to sweat in pjm: income from employment, contract work, sickness, maternity, retirement, alimony.

What not to do in pjm: two-room social support and social support, contribution to pi, social services, two-room assistance in material need, scholarship for students.

How to do it

• in the basic formula on page 3 fill in the unmarked fields in tab. . 1 gives the man
• up to the length 65a) strain 24 840 crowns, if you apply the discount for the whole year, if the marriage lasted a short time, fill in the number of msc krt 2 070 crowns
• dek 65b) double streak, ie 49 680 crowns, pay those who can get a discount on the deprived manela (manelka), who is the holder of the ZTP / P order. If the partner was disabled only after one hundred years, multiply the amount by 4,140 crowns by the amount of maintenance.

My problem

• you lived together, but you got married and this year – you do not apply the discount
• you divorced during 2009 – the discount cannot be applied

Bonus on dti

Pklad: Jan earned 30 thousand crowns msn (360 thousand crowns a year). I have three children aged 4 to 18, who also live in the same household. His wife doesn’t work. Genoa tax is 72 360 crowns. From n, then a discount of 24,840 crowns for yourself, 24,840 crowns for a wife without income, and 42,720 crowns for three children. After deducting all discounts, it gets to minus by 20,040 crowns. He will not pay the tax and as a bonus he will pay him 20,040 crowns.

When you live with children (students up to 26 years of age), you can get a tax rebate of 10,680 crowns per year if you have a disability (my ZTP / P card), the discount is double. Only one of the parents can apply for the discount.

If, thanks to this tax advantage in the total amount, you get zero, you will receive a refund, the so-called bonus, paid back from the deposit. The condition is that you have spent more than 48 thousand crowns yourself. Pay out the bonus if you are not 100 crowns, and you will receive a maximum of 52,200 crowns.

How to do it

• Fill in the Table on the three pages of the basic formula. 2 gives information about children living in the household
• in the fields, write the name and surname, birth number and number of births for which you lived (for example, if the child was born in June 2009, turn on 3)
• fill in the number of msc in the last column, if the child is the holder of the ZTP / P * command, if you have more than 4 children, give further tension to the free sheet and pile to the tax return (put the area in the overview on the side of the three tax formula)
• poet msc setete
• in length 72 multiply the number of places by the amount 890, or 1 780, if the child is disabled
• in the amount of 75 m after deducting your tax, it will come out how much you will pay on the bonus

My problem

• you are unemployed for a whole year, eventually on sick leave – you have no income, so you are not entitled to a bonus
• You have listed your child aged 15 as a cooperating person in the business – you are not entitled to the bonus

Business as a beer

Pklad: Vra is retired, her pension is 10 thousand crowns. The pension did not exceed the limit of 288 thousand crowns, so the pension does not have to be taxed. Pivydlv works as a translator, mivnostensk prrvnn. Last year she earned 150 thousand crowns.

Income for translations must mus. He has minimal data, so he uses paula. That is 9 thousand crowns. After deducting the discount on the fee of CZK 24,840, the dispute will be canceled (-15,840). Stt j don’t do anything, but it won’t pay.

When you have a trade license, but even if you get honor and work as a private and lawyer, you pay your tax return, even if you just go to study, work and retire.

How to do it

• in addition to the basic formula of the tax return, you will sail to go to area 1 – income according to paragraph 7
• to. 101 specify income
• to. 102 data – either actual or paul 60 or 80% depending on the type of business
• fill in sections 104 and 113 and transfer the result to the main formula in sections 37, 41, 41a, 42 and 45
• if you have any readable items, fill in. 46 and 53
• at . 54 to 60 vypotte of
• fill in the discounts that apply to dk 64 and 69
• If vm 71 comes out of the counter, tension zero

Don’t forget that you have to give an overview of the health and social insurance and pay it back if necessary.

My problem

• your honor from one raft was up to 7 thousand crowns per month – you will not be surprised that 15 percent will be deducted automatically

Mimodn pivdlek

Pklad: Mr. Ilona is employed, last year she earned 300 thousand crowns gross. Her female had a dad last year. Ilona spent 60 thousand crowns on the sale of dogs, the costs of breeding were 25 thousand crowns, so she earned 35 thousand crowns. The income must be taxed to increase by 6,750 crowns (15 percent of the profit).

When you have income that is neither business, nor from employment, nor from rent, you must enter it in the tax return in area 2 as other income according to § 10. This includes income from mental activities of more than 20 thousand crowns per year. Among the various activities include the creation of websites, the sale of honey, helping a friend’s business in the store. The condition is that it is not a regular activity.

According to § 10, according to the income from the transfer of real estate, from the sale of proceeds from the garden, from the original copyright first or so, the income from the sale of valuables, which you owned for less than a year, or the amount you have to deliver because you prematurely terminated the life contract. connected and used it as a deductible item.

How to do it

• in addition to the basic formula, you will sail the jet area slolo 2 – the bottom of the other income according to § 10
• in column 1 you enter the letter according to the type of income (help on the back of the formula), in column 2 the income, in column 3 the data in the actual vi – paul can be entered only for income from agricultural production
• Sweat the difference in income minus the expenses in the fourth column – when the controversial word comes out, strain zero (you should not be lost)
• to. 207 napite hrn pjm, do. 208 souet vdaj (maximln do ve pjm)
• in length 209 you sweep the tax base and transfer the amount to length 40 on the other side of the main formula.

Other income does not include health or social insurance.

My problem

• you have sold the property in which you lived for a year and buy a new home for at least five years – you do not have to tax your income, but you must notify it in writing to the bank
• the limit of 20 thousand crowns, at which the business activity is exempt from taxes, applies to the entire income, not the profit (after deducting expenses)

House and apartment for rent

Pklad: Ivana is studying at university, she is not working yet, but she owns an apartment, which she rents for 12 thousand crowns a month. 144 thousand crowns, which she spent a year, must be taxed. I have the obligation to file a tax return. He had the actual data, so he applied a data rate of 30 percent. After deducting the discount for the taxpayer (24,840 crowns) and the student (4,020 crowns), the tax will be zero. So nothing will pay.

When you earn a regular rent, you must state your income in the tax return.

How to do it

• in addition to the basic formula, you will sail to go to area 2 – incomes according to paragraph 9
• fill in the income by the year 201
• to. 202 state data – actual or paul 30%
• in section 206 you enter the difference between income and expenses and transfer the amount to section 39 of the basic formula
• if you have any readable items, fill in. 46 and 53
• at . 54 to 60 vypotete of
• to dk 64 and 69, add discounts that apply
• when it comes out on board 71, you will drink zero there – you will not pay anything.

The rent does not include health or social insurance.

My problem

• rent a cottage for only one hundred years and state the actual data – you can only apply a proportional fee
• you perform a property repair for 100 years for five years, each year you deduct one of the necessary pensions (ie 20 thousand crowns) from it from the profit as a reserve. You do not pay tax on these suspended pensions. If you do not repair the bag after those five years, you will have to deliver the entire hundred.

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