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Where dt 100,000 K per pt flight

Do you have 100,000 crowns available and do you want to invest them? how the editor of MF DNES turned out when buying mutual funds.

I chose Pioneer, I liked it with its 75 years of history and name. On the free infoline, they learn that I do not have to book a consultation in advance and drink it at any time, so I will immediately send it directly to the company. My broker is nice, petite, about 25 years old brunette. I was expecting some sharp investment money, as I used to get married in American Wall Street movies, but it wakes up.

I was a little surprised that two tables were taken in the office and in a while perhaps less than a meter next to me sat another client of the company to talk about investments, I would imagine in private. It shouldn’t be like that. Pesto hlsm, I want to invest 100,000 crowns for five years.

Find out how much and for how long you want to invest
The first question investment advisers first knew how I wanted to invest my pensions, how much and for how long she worked. I will mention one crown of the investment rules because the hunter should invest in the same amount in which he wants to spend his pension. The dark monch fund lived at about twelve.

esk funds then started to introduce me to the consultant with a squadron in hand one by one. It’s sloit and don’t like it. If I didn’t say anything about the investment, I wouldn’t even understand. In addition, he explains to me the most conservative option, which will ensure that I do not come to the deposit, but the return will be below inflation. I’d rather save on a building society, where he has a certain 6 percent of his money, I want something he released.

So Domhm asked the investment questionnaire, the counselor was supposed to present it to me right in the arrest, so that she could determine how much risk I would bear, what is necessary for the selected fund.

As you type an investor, uke investin dotaznk
According to the questionnaire, we will find out if I am really willing to go to this risk for the price of education, as I think about myself. I find that I bear the risk and 20 percent of the loss on the deposit. If I would let the pension fly at a rate here, with 100% inflation, I will have less than 86,000 crowns in five years out of 100,000 crowns anyway.

Then I spat out that from all 100,000 mm 2,600 crowns to Pioneer Sporokonto, 29,300 crowns to the Pioneer bond fund and most of its pensions, specifically 68,100 crowns, to the Pioneer equity fund ron could be valued by more than 8 percent. The new fund will tell you when it comes to investing in bonds and when it is in action, but my advisor will not be able to do much about it. In addition, the price later shows that the minimum investment is 5,000 crowns, so I do not know if Sporokonta sweat was the first to see it, the counselor did not notice him.

I like the model proposal and still have a consultant in the next interview pushing for a conservative investment, which I do not want.

Overall, one feeling that the investment advisor does not understand much, that he just repeats the instructions from a knee and can not explain the issue to me clearly.

How many catches the funds cost
I learn to go that it is good to spread the pension into several funds and that it can be transferred to him at will. I know this, but it’s according to the information.

I ask how it is with the fees and how long it will be when I decide to invest with Pioneer. I learn that the company concludes a framework agreement with me and then pays the field to the individual funds for each of its own companies. I will pay for the investment according to the price, which, like the contract of the consultants, immediately turns into my hand, and you both take it home with you. As for me, at least you’re fine with everything.

The fee includes how many pensions I invest in and what type of fund the conservatives are at 100,000 crowns for 0.4 percent of the volume of the investment and the equity fund costs 3 percent of the investment. If I recommend a pot, it will cost a total of less than 2,300 crowns. When I sign the contract directly at the center of the company, I get a 50 percent discount.

If I decide to retire between different types of funds, I do not pay anything if I go from dynamite to conservative fund (ie from expensive to cheaper). The portfolio management fee, the so-called management fee, is taken into account in the entry. When I want to withdraw pensions from the fund, I will receive them within 10 days. He can do it to him at any time, but at the event it’s quite a risk in the event of having fluctuations, and when I don’t hit it, I’m late, but the counselors don’t mention it. The first bag warns that after a full year, the income from the funds is exempt from taxes.

How should a counseling interview take place?
If you are not very familiar with the investment and so far, it may happen that you will complete similar visits and you will not get much longer. How to distinguish whether your appointment with the broker has an expected return on your pension, or whether the fund advisor sells mechanically?

  1. First, you should examine how many pensions and for how long you want to invest, in how much me and how you are the type of investor. So let them fill out an investment questionnaire and talk to you about your change.
  2. In the second step, in accordance with you, the change should compile the portfolio so far only according to the exchange of funds and explain how the mutual funds work. What can you expect from the money market, what from the bond and what from the stock.
  3. The selection of specific products and information on fees and the procedure of how the investment itself will take place should follow.
  4. You should have enough time to make a serious decision and, if you want, to get all the necessary materials for the study house.
  5. If the counseling call differs from this procedure, gather yourself and go to another company or at least to another broker.

How much do each type of investor spend?
How much 100,000 crowns will it increase in five years, badly mainly on how you are the type of investor. You can pay more money. But at the cost of risking you to pick me up from the fund after five years, you didn’t put it there.

  • Concervatives
    pedpokldan evaluated 2% ron
    investment status after 5 years: 100,000 and 110,000 K
    rozloen investment: shares 5%: bonds 55%: penn market 40%
  • Vyven
    pedpokldan evaluated 4% ron
    investment status after 5 years: 90,000 and 120,000 K
    rozloen investment: shares 40%: bonds 40%: penn market 20%
  • Dynamick
    pedpokldan evaluated 8% ron
    investment status after 5 years: 75,000 and 145,000 K
    rozloen investment: shares 70%: bonds 20%: penn market 10%
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