Tuesday May 24, 2022

Which bank is vm bl and which will come in handy? Test yourself

spn slogans are memorable. Today let’s see if you remember any of the finances.

In fact, we protect your dreams along the way, when he loves her, there is nothing to eat. I’m a hunter here, he’s home here. When I have to, then I have to, there is a compromise. Do you want someone else to win?

are they in some way familiar? We composed them from advertising slogans, which you can currently hear and see on TV, radio, in advertisements and on billboards.

For vs, we have chosen those that are somehow related to finance. You can test how many of them have stuck in your memory in our quiz. The questions are of two kinds. Either you will find out how the institution will equip you with a long slogan, or you will know your bank and choose the right slogan.

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