Wednesday May 25, 2022

Which games will you soon spend for?

A recent survey by KPMG USA shows that the gambling industry is starting from me with the help of consumer electronics. In recent years, classic games with sacrifices have defended their traditional city in the children’s world. MP3s and mobile phones have reached their peak of popularity. However, manufacturers have found a way to get lost positions again: they have made games out of consumer electronics.

Worldwide, ron prod toy for $ 21 billion (roughly 520 billion K), the volume of the bag will fall. Between 2003 and 2004, toy sales decreased by 5% in favor of electronic devices, music players and potato games. Sales of mechanical toys and accessories fell by five percent to $ 1.2 billion during the period under review, and sales of educational and educational toys fell by a quarter to $ 401 million.

On the contrary, children and teenagers wanted the most? Digital cameras, Xbox video games, or iPods became a hit. Jakks Pacific not only talked about consumer electronics and talked about Cabbage Patch Kids, but also sales that grew by 183% in Cabbage Patch alone. Sales of Strawberry Shortcake dolls have doubled thanks to electronics, and Care, a teddy bear, has entered the market.

Hrej si, tu m mobil!

In addition to the fact that electronics have entered the toys, the electronic devices themselves become games. Nap. Hasbro, the maker of the popular GI Joe figure, offers a multimedia game, and his help can help children download popular movies from the Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon TV channels. For $ 79, you can buy a digital camcorder for children from the age of eight from the same company. MBA Entertainment has launched an MP3 player and a camcorder designed in the style of the popular Bratz doll.

Asian trends

Similar development trends as in the USA are evident in the EU and the Czech Republic. The only difference is that the EU is not the culprit of these trends. Most toys are imported into the European Union. According to a Eurostat survey, in 2004 these imports amounted to EUR 4.8 billion, of which 81% of toys were imported into the European Union. A second place among imports of toys to the EU is due to Switzerland and Hong Kong. Only two percent of imported toys come from the United States. The most famous European toy manufacturer is Lego. Imports of toys to R in 2004 amounted to 43.1 million euros and were half as much as in 1999.


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The electronics did not escape Krtek either

According to a survey of sales in Tesco department stores, interactive games with built-in electronics and electronics sold the most last year. Eats and kits are not cinder days. One of the most popular games for boys is the amphibious car. Rodies often look for a Lego kit, especially Bionicle and Creator.

For girls, they buy games that mimic real-life things: electronic kitchen. There is also a great demand for Barbie dolls. The traditional playing of several children’s generations was also electronically brought in, including the Krteek artist Zdeka Milera. And still, I can respond to a handshake and after such an impulse, the popular mole walks.

esk children don’t stay away

Of the electronic devices that can replace games for older children, retailers in the R confirm the growing popularity of MP3s, pots and potions and simple mobile phones. About the diversification of older children from toys to actively get rid of svd and nrst sales of digital cameras and camcorders. On the other hand, there are also creative games, the still popular Lego kit and the comeback of the domestic legend of the Merkur kit.

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