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Who um, um. Slogans etched in memory and made characters famous

Most of the advertising slogans that jump on us every day go unnoticed into history. Another bag will help and bore the character and the product into memory. Which are they?

spn slogans are memorable, such that we will remember immediately when the character falls into the eye. Those who inspire the court and influence us in making decisions.

Professor Lionel Salem, who is a guest at Harvard University, tried to map the farthest. In his book “Advertising slogans and the deceptions behind their creation” he made 25 of the world’s most slogans, hundreds of very successful ones and some failures. And he added a few plates of Czech slogans, which according to him are also very good.

TTT and pesto nen perfect

According to Salemavbec, inventing a great slogan is not easy. The slogan must meet several criteria. You have to be short, strong and at the same time you have to be able to give customers as much information as possible. And this condition bv is usually not 잚. The world and the “creatives” often shake their heads and wash away various turns, words and connections.

If they can find a way to connect all those criteria, they have a lot. Signs and goods will open the way to the customer. Envy the competition.

One of the world’s most slogan slogans is this: “Today. Tomorrow, Toyota. ” (in order: Dnes. Ztra. Toyota) In English, I have only three words, all in the same letter and the conjunction Today – Tomorrow expresses longevity. Pesto, this slogan has a minor flaw in my neck. “It may not be clear at first glance that he is referring to a car and not, for example, a slingshot or a television,” says Professor Salem.

spades slogans ns influence

Even the creators can come up with good slogans, especially those who can capture the Czech nature. Their words and phrases try to get their hands on the choice of goods and influence our decision-making, both service and significance. And a number of them m spch.

In the shop, we put gold ddictv in the coke, we throw bottled water, which it regenerates, let’s choose an honest qua, guys add a bottle of golden juice and try beer in every beer. When washing the ass, we want it to be white, we get rid of stains and stumps, and after washing it, it clears how the ass silanizes. Let’s not spoil our dreams and for a rich life we ​​can be sure from A to Z for sure.

That’s why I stand for it

Some slogans on ns psob even her for several decades. Like you this: “Because I’m worth it.” He wrote in the Czech memory in hell: “Because I’m worth it.” Zn i vm povdom? According to surveys, this slogan is remembered in the USA by 70 percent of the Czech population and has been associated with the cosmetics company LOral for 40 years. It has become so strong that the people expect it at the end of each LOral ad.

It was first introduced to the public in 1973 and today is one of the legends. Ilon Spechtov, who worked as a lyricist at McCann-Erickson in New York, then drank with me for 23 years. She originally created it for the Prefrnce emblem, which is the LOral hair color emblem. The streak from the original advertisement in Hell reads as follows: “I use the most hair color in the world, Prfrence, from LOral. It’s not because I don’t worry about pensions. It’s because I care about my hair. I don’t mind spending everything on LOral. Because I’m worth it. ”

In recent years, this slogan has undergone only cosmetic rights, instead of “J” the company has introduced variants “You”, “We”, “He”, “She”. The slogan is long.

Nespresso, co jinho?

Some slogans made the product famous and its emblem because they got TV. An example is the spch characters of Nespresso, which is a bite of the Nestl Group. Pbh Nespressa started with a simple idea to get the perfect espresso medicine as an experienced barista. New breweries and kva capsules made it possible. “The second decisive moment was the selection of George Clooney for a series of today’s famous Nespresso commercials,” says Professor Lionel Salem.

In the first full ad, Clooney entered the Nespresso store to get some medicine. Two young women sitting at the next table have reminders, it seems to belong to him:

“Dark!” “Very Intense”, “Only”, “Mysterious”, “Strong Character”, “Very Rich!”, “Deep and Sensual”

Cloney walks up to them: “Talk about Nespreesso’s flower, right? Not sure, yes. Nespresso, what else? ” (Nespresso, what else?)

Have you ever noticed that you bought a slogan when buying?

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