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Will gold pay off as insurance against an uncertain future?

Fear of revolution, of wolves, of devaluation, fear of loss of property. Gold is both the dog of all ruins of its marrow, and the dog proclaimed the step from gold as a monetary metal the only weapon that is highly valuable elsewhere in the world. How are the pros and cons of gold as a store of value?

Millions of the world’s people buy gold to secure the value of their property or to insure themselves against an uncertain future. One French bank stated that half of the hoarded gold was bought by the rich, ie those who have tons of bank accounts, their own factories and shops, and on the other hand gave half to the people of the poor who do not have more money.

Thesaurus gold has its pros and cons. On the other hand, we must first mention discretion. Unlike banknotes or banknotes, which are verbal, pieces of gold are not marked with the same name. And even if they were, it’s not easy to remove it with a file or petaven. The longevity of gold is also a significant benefit. Neither the air nor the water nor the mud disturb him.

Gold peije centuries. His main disadvantage is infertility. The money deposited in the bank is years old, but the gold stored in the floor or in your own safe does not give anything. Only a small number of private gold miners buy standard bricks weighing 12.5 kilograms. The advantage is two smaller forms of bricks, which are cheaper and thus better to hide. The hooked gold bag can also take the form of coins, pens, watches, various items. And we will now deal with some of these forms of gold.

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Which nations thesaurus most gold?

They are a country where gold is not hoarded at all or only very little. Pins must be sought either in the first regulations, by the population, or in tradition. Perhaps only two plates of land allow their citizens complete freedom in the marrow, trade, export and import of gold. Pat among n for example Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Canada, Paraguay, Lebanon, Sadsk Arbie, Kuwait, Dubai and a few others. This freedom to go does not mean that the first inhabitants of these countries are the biggest gold miners. On the contrary, the old dog confirms that the forbidden fruit tastes the most.

For a decade, the French have belonged to the nations of gold-thesaurus. Explain this by the fact that the inflation of trends during the 20th century, the repeated devaluation and the Minister of Finance used them to always use only gold. Throw it to be added that similar shocks will shed both other nations, and nevertheless do not collect gold in such me. It is probably a matter of importance of the French nature to be a good companion and a cheerful citizen, but always thinking about the back of the wheel, the bad times. According to estimates by experts, the second of thesaurized gold is poor in the French, especially in the countryside. Other European nations are far behind the French. Perhaps only the pans, Italians and ekovs are seduced by the mammon of gold more than the rest of Europe. But we will not forget the land of the entrance of Europe. There, even during the hard times, there was a hunger for gold.

Modern enriched two of their wealth to show off not only by building thumbs and family villas, but also with gold perks and watches. Have fun with gold credit cards and make sure they always have a kilogram of gold in the safe. So beat gold for the people of Asia. Turet peasants approach gold as much as the inhabitants of the Rhine and the Arab emirates. The most thesaurus is the Indians. So the Japanese drank gold to taste. At the end of 2004, the Japanese company Kikinzoku launched a special collection of gold coins, symbolizing the year 2004, its price exceeds one million dollars.

Excerpts from the book
Jan Strue and Bohumil Studnek:
GOLD – Pbh unusual metal

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