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With a clever choice of a deposit for a building society, divide up to 10 thousand

You can save a number of building societies in various ways. Regular baths, even once a year, but once for six years. The method you choose will affect the overall value of your deposit. How, we can learn in our model example.

It is important for every investor to get the highest possible return. According to that, choose the investment strategy.

We have prepared a deposit for vs tyi variants

Which of the variants to choose is, of course, vs.? Each of them has both positives and negatives.

Highest input when stored at one time

You will achieve the best result if you deposit 120 thousand crowns on the number of building savings immediately at the beginning of the contract. The building society will calculate the year for each year out of the total amount of saved pensions, including the written support and appreciation.

“Load-bearing capacity affects years, which are not the case with regular savings. The sum of the year goes into the basis for the calculation of the state support, and therefore the last year is written far in the support not in other variants of the deposit, ”explains Marta kov from USF R.

Models of building spoon – 4 variants of deposit
Stavebn spoen 1. variant 2. variant 3. variant 4. variant
Filed for 6 years
(in K)
120 024 120 000 120 000 120 000
Naspoeno po
6 years (in K)
143 732,80 145 049,40 142 305,40 152 492,30
Note: variants were sweaty for the fall of the Buinka client
Source: Union Society for Financial Intermediation and Advisory (USF)

On the other hand, the unsuitable of a one-time deposit is the period of six years, when the client cannot dispose of the entire deposit. If the savings were terminated by two, he would be left with only a 2% deposit reduced by the required fee for concluding the contract, the fees for keeping the penalty and the penalty fee for premature termination of the contract. “Then even very conservative investments in mutual funds could outpace the savings,” adds the metal.

Once a year or when msc?

Clients of building societies most often through private deposits. The advantage of this variant is its regularity first. The client chooses the villages according to how many pensions each msc can spend. Its budget is not affected by a single deposit.

One-off pensions can be paid both at the end of the year and at the end. This option is where the client pays for the pension at the end of the year. The advantage of this variant is that the client is pre-arranged for a year and does not have to worry about payment during the year. The disadvantage is the period of the arrest of the year for those who may be financially exhausted from the period of external purchases.

Saving one-off pensions at the end of the year may be suitable especially for those who do not have to save the entire amount of 20 thousand in the current period, but try to evaluate it during the year. Marta kov recommends either the use of money market funds, where investments are less than six months without income taxes, or savings with zero fees and years of more than 2.36 percent. This is due to the fact that after taking into account the 15% tax on income, more than two percent is obtained, which you get from a building society.

Charges thus play a role

The model example was required for the specific conditions of the client Stavebn spoitelny esk spoitelny, who pays a full percentage of the fee for the conclusion of the contract and a fee for keeping 305 crowns. He will always be in charge of the contract on 1 January, regardless of when the contract will be terminated.

It is advisable to be interested in how building savings fees are charged to clients, or to monitor marketing events. As part of these events, I am able to negotiate a contract with a discount on the fee or even free of charge. So the fee for keeping here is different for individual savings banks. “The difference between the cheapest and the most expensive is 66 crowns a year, which in six years has been the difference of about three hundred crowns,” the metal warns.

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