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With investment in Arab emir bute prefer much caution

The United Arab Emirates have become famous in recent years for strong economic growth and many megalomaniac projects. Tempting investments in this country can lead to political instability in the country and become the property of large companies.

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) was formed in 1971 by the United Six Emirts, to which seven joined a year later. There is no such thing as a public choice. There are also no political parties or trade unions in the organization. Seven incoming families lost power. You will thus form the seven-day High Council of Governors, a competitive authority, who will then elect a president from among themselves.

Most of the population is your immigrants for work
Emirty are as large in size as the Czech Republic. However, compared to R mn, not half of the population lives here, about 4.5 million. Most of the earth is your bond, it is inhabited first and foremost. The citizenship of the UAE, less than 20% of the population, gave less than five Arabs from other countries and more than half of the population two combined immigrants from Asian countries (especially India, Pkistn, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Sri Lanka).

Sttnm nboenstvm is, of course, Islam
What is poor in the Arab world, other non-Islamic communities can freely profess but must not be active. Apart from Islam, Hinduism and kesanstv are very born here.

High standard of living, but so high cost of living
During the 36 years of the state’s existence, the poor pilgrimage of the Arab world has become a significant trade and tourist center. Today, the UAE is one of the most prosperous countries in the world with a high standard of living. For 2007, GDP growth is estimated at 8.5%.

As is the case in the economy, the rapid growth of economies and the income of the population is automatically followed by a sharp rise in the cost of living, in other words high inflation. And so, in recent years, we have witnessed an increase in consumer prices of more than 10%.

The farm stands for oil and gas
The UAE’s emergency rush is based on oil, which was discovered here in the 1970s. According to the Oil and Gas Journal, your estimated reserves are 8% of the world’s oil reserves. At the current rate of 2.6 million barrels per day, these amounts should last for 100 years. Emirty is similar to natural gas. They have the most confirmed reserves of natural gas in the world, which should be exposed and for 150 years.

The UAE is also focusing on oil and gas processing. The Dutch-Emirtsk consortium of Borouqe operates petrochemical plants for the production of olefin, polyolefin, ethylene and polypropylene. The complex is filled to produce dichloroethylene and benzene.

There are two stock exchanges for vbr
There are two separate stock exchanges in the Emirates, in Ab Dhabi and Dubai. There are other securities on both stock exchanges. Both were not established until 2000. However, liquidity certainly prevails in Dubai. Investment opportunities for non-residents are very limited on both exchanges.

The event can be invested through a certificate
For the time being, the current investor does not have much opportunity to choose how to invest in their shares. Open end certificates from Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch and ABN Amro can be found on the market. However, when choosing a specific instrument, you need to look in detail at the composite index and share, because, for example, about a quarter of all stocks traded in Dubai are financial (banks, insurance companies, investment companies), which poses a known risk in terms of diversification.

Is the dog buried in it?
The big drawback is that all large monopoly (or at least oligopolistic) companies are mostly owned and often not publicly traded. According to every investor, he should realize that investing in the United Arab Emirates will always be associated with one specific risk, and that is the political and security situation in the entire region of the Persian Gulf. However, the conflict between the surrounding states has negative consequences for the UAE.

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