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Work on leave: a necessary evil for all the people

More than half of the employees admit that they work even during the holidays. Communication technology is mainly to blame. Mainly manaei cannot imagine their vacation without access to work e-mail and switched on mobile phone.

Virtually all the executives approached by the editorial office stated that they spend their work during the holidays and for an hour a day.

“Given that the main purpose of the permit is to charge the flashlight and relax, I also work minimally. I dream of limiting it to the morning and evening. E-mails here and I also take some phones, I also work, but I’m not stressful. Only the things I want, ”Radim Haluza, the new CEO of Fortuna Entertainment Group.

Turn it off on vacation, the family will send it

According to psychologists and to devote oneself to work and permission, it is definitely not the time. “We all struggle with the darkness today, but we can fully turn off clients on holiday. It is also a matter of developing your colleagues in substitutability. often such work is not even forced by the company, but based on the certainty of the manager’s inability to send money to colleagues, ”thinks Tom Geek, the manager’s lecturer.


Working time for moments of leisure and family well-being is borne mainly by other family members, especially wives and husbands.

“A quick switch from a holiday mood to work is not for the benefit of anyone, the manager, his family, or the client, Geek. The addressed director agrees that half of their paths were often laughed at with this job.

“Manelka respects my hard work and with this model she learned it,” says Radim Haluza, who is in charge of Fortuna’s activities not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Poland and Slovakia.

Check your email at least once a day

Manaei pipoutj, that while in the company during their free time they leave to their colleagues, but they cannot fully experience work even on dormitories in exotic countries. New people will ask for at least a one-day check of the work e-mail and the required phone call.

“I can accumulate these moments in a block that does not disrupt the holiday program with the family,” describes Petr dek, a talent hunter from Top Recruitment.

“Thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to quickly go through e-mails quickly and react if necessary. I go on holiday with my tablet, which, however, I spend more on the book than at work, ”describes Alexandra Lemerov, owner of the consulting company Personal Connect, who has held senior positions at Hewlett-Packard and Logica.

Not just manaei work on vacation

But such a professional trap is not just a difficult manager. According to a survey by Randstad’s personnel from the first half of this year, 60 percent of the people in their vacancies handle work. The survey was attended by three hundred employees.

52 percent of the people receive work emails and work phones during their holidays.

“A little more shots seem to me, the shifts grow with the age of the bottom, but with the humility and loyalty of old people to their employer,” thinks Kateina Vaisov of Randstad. The survey thus shows obvious differences according to the distance of employees. The work mostly interferes with the holidays of workers with exchange.

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