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Years ago, he took his company from the flood. He did not give up, he made honest furniture

In Libice nad Vltavou, Michal Peina has a real estate company. No, the company really started to make money, its owner had to bake a number of pieces. One of the biggest was the flood in 2002. The water level rose to within ten meters.

Michal Peina lay on a meadow in the Himalayas and ground what he would do after the return. “I was a former profession, after the revolution I founded a company for the age of work. Then I went abroad and found out that everything was coming from the platforms. But most of all, I wanted to be left with nothing but a nice room. And I always wanted to, “he explains, deciding to start a company on devn furniture.

And how did you get to the Himalayas?

I fulfilled my dream and became a member of an international climbing expedition. In the Himalayas, the hunter has plenty of time to grind when he is lying in a tent or outside and listening to Jarrho. There I thought of making honest furniture out of solid wood. When I was spinning, I designed a long one on the land I inherited from my grandfather.

This is a very ideal start.

I had this, I admit naive idea, that there would be two chests of me and it would work. I found out how much technology and machines were needed, and one day a week I went to a professional chest. I drank two employees and started, but it didn’t work. When I was not there, no one did anything for a year and sp sponsored the company.

What did you do with tm?

I sold the company in a metal work company and I started to devote myself fully to the production of furniture. It was tk from the arrest, we didn’t have any contacts. I wanted to make quality furniture from solid wood, not cheaper things from laminate. Also until about the year 2000 we went sp from msce to msc, and then piel a break and we got some name. Only when the horse started to work, the year 2002.

Affected vs. big water?
Not only that. That year I grew up in the company sdla. The hail shattered the roof of the dungeon, water flowed into the finished furniture, then I crashed the car and drank the flood in August. We had three meters of water in the two and in the hall. We were preparing, but no one expected that it will be like that. We swam there and stretched on the wood so that the water wouldn’t take it away.

How did you recover from this?

We started twenty together, but living in it was not pleasant. In addition, the hunter was under constant stress, I had to think about the employees, it didn’t work out and the pension from the saw’s insurance policies and later. To make matters worse, they stole an office and shot a dog.

Did it not occur to you to cut back and start the company?

When I thought of a lot of eggs and I thought about two other things, I said enough. To think about several things at once, you can do it, yes, I would go crazy. So I bought a ticket and flew to Thailand for the last pension. After the return, it was just glue.

What helped me start the company again then?

We received a subsidy from the Sapard program, which also helped people affected by the floods. Thanks to us, we built a new production hall in 2003. And then we stopped at a Zen woman to make furniture in Great Britain. Until 2008, in fact and into the crisis, we delivered furniture to the store directly for the architect. We competed there not only in price but also in quality.

Konen se zaalo dait.

Yes, we bought put land in Libice, we needed a better paint shop. Last year we managed to get a subsidy from the Business and Innovation program, we took it back and this year we moved to a new production hall.

Many people think that getting subsidies is tk, sometimes almost impossible.How did I do that?

kaj nm, that we definitely had to pay two salaries or that we have somewhere known. But it’s not like that. I did a lot of work, I found out what was needed, and I must read that I always came across the help desk who advised me. There is also a lot of information on the internet. The truth is, it’s complicated from the arrest.

Do you fulfill that the company goes away?

Not exactly. We want to look at the quality and it goes into custom production only to a certain size, about fifteen people. I do not want to introduce the bottom of Sri Lankan production.

What vs surprised when you uil at the chest?

I thought I was good, but it turned out that it was not so famous. Some things look simple, you have to cut straight with the saw, but they are not easy. Of course, I would do something wrong, but it would take me ten times as long. So I don’t have manual patience and I can’t do without it.

Also equipped for your apartment or house would you not sm?

I’ll design it, but then I’ll have it done.

What do you actually make?

Virtually anything. Recently, we had a woolen bar counter in high gloss or you a casket for a dog.

What are you doing at work?

If you choose people, I will work with them. And it’s long with such an interesting material as devo. Even though there are other materials – an artificial tribe, nanotechnology and many others, the hunter will always want something that will remind him of the childhood – you of the table that his grandfather had when he fell. Find out if you need a quality table, bed, bed. If they are made, then they drink and they have been given to me for generations. Moreover, if you want shd. It is a material for all the senses.

Want to find out more about prci?

I think you can start running again. It has changed compared to two. Today, they are willing to pay for quality work.

People are very confused about crafts. Do you think that will change?

They will start supporting you again. Even though the people under it, they work with their hands like nothing but they don’t flock to the craft. I’m talking about a company that deals with glass. The owner has a lot of orders, but you can easily retire and they are not young. In five years, there will be no one to pay, but only machine glass will be produced. And I really want to drink about tradition.

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