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You can insure 200 thousand against breast cancer. Similarly against heart attack and dalm

I’m sorry, but you have nothing. The impact of this notice will help to reduce the range of fuses. Until recently, it was possible to fight against diseases only in the context of life insurance. However, there are new offers of separate insurance against individual diseases, most recently, for example, breast cancer.

Cancer in the Czech Republic affects the cadon of 72,000 people, which is 12,000 more than ten years ago. There are also sweats of other called diseases and many cases where the people around the dick get sick. Thousands of people thus feel the long-term decline of their incomes and, in particular, the expenditure on the necessary action.

Therefore, insurance companies develop insurance options for cases of called diseases and start competing with them even with these insurance policies.

Some HV diseases can be insured separately

Generali pojiovna pichz is now the first with a separate insurance for women aged 18 to 59 who are concerned about breast cancer. The insurance is graduated according to age in the range of 600 and 1,200 crowns and the insurance premium is fixed at 200 thousand crowns. Femina ron insurance will cost you 600 crowns for 600 years, and the payer will pay twice as much. If the breast cancer is confirmed, it will receive one hundred thousand crowns and if the adro must be surgically removed, the insurance company will pay another hundred thousand.

Slavia also insures the so-called disease. This year, it improved the Silver insurance policy and doubled the insurance benefit for life-saving organ transplants, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, stroke and, if necessary, hip replacement.

The insurance costs 580 crowns msn and the price is the same for men and women regardless of vk. D to negotiate from 18 to 55 years and extend to 65 years. For the diagnosis of cancer, the insurance company pays 100 thousand, for heart attacks 120 thousand and for transplantation of organs or Alzheimer’s disease, the insurance company receives, for example, 800 thousand crowns.

Pilepen for hospitalization with a heart attack and twice

The VZP insurance company, together with the Czech Business Insurance Company, innovated the Garance plus insurance for daily compensation if the insurance company is hospitalized for heart attacks, cancers and several other diseases. Compensation for a hospital stay in such a case is twice as much as in hospitalization from other pins, and ranges from 120 to 1,000 crowns per day.

The price of the insurance depends on the choice of daily compensation and depending on the client’s age. For younger lines, the fuse is cheaper, with increasing age, the insurance costs become more expensive. If you pay 600 crowns a day for hospital stay, for example, a ten-year-old man could cost 896 crowns, and for two weeks of hospitalization with cancer, the insurance company would pay him 8,400 crowns.

The risk of external illness is protected mainly by life insurance

Other insurance companies are now trying to expand the number of threats called diagnoses, which are arranged only with life insurance. The Czech saw blade, for example, with the new Diamant life insurance system, which can be used to insure up to 33 invited diseases. It is the only one to treat the three critical diseases: cancer at a late stage, a third heart attack and heart failure due to external pressure in the lungs. You can insure yourself up to 71 years and the insurance will be up to 74 years, which is about ten years, according to other insurance companies.

The possibility to protect oneself in the event of called diseases is extended to life insurance policies and other domestic insurance companies. Generals now offer 26 diagnoses, 25 diseases in SOB Pojiovn and 12 and 17 invited diseases in other insurance. Accurate lists of insurable diseases can be found on the Insurance website. The insurance company claims that it most often pays clients for pensions for heart attacks, strokes and cancer, which make up about half of all insurance benefits.

In case of high risk, it is good to update the life insurance

If you have taken out a life insurance policy in recent years and you are worried that an invasive disease will break out, it is good to ask the insurance company for new opportunities and update the life insurance policy if necessary. a number of binders are accommodating and make changes without sweat.

For some life insurance policies, the update is charged, for example, Kooperativa costs one hundred crowns from Investin’s Life Insurance. It is not possible to update the old Dynamik insurance policy with the Czech insurance company, but the insurance company can terminate the old contract and negotiate a new one. levy on income tax will remain the same.

The health condition is not paid for by the connection period

For insured diseases, which you arrange for life insurance policies, always choose the insurance policy that you can afford to pay. From this choice, the insurance policy is paid, which the insurance company pays out when diagnosing the disease. For example, a woman who paid 300 crowns for the case of cancer at UNIQA received about two million crowns during her illness.

When arranging insurance for diseases, you must always fill in and sign a health questionnaire. However, lht is not filled in the questionnaire. The insurance company can look into whether the client suffered from a so-called illness or had other health problems at the time he took out the insurance. In such a case, the insurance company will withdraw from the contract and not pay even a crown.

If you have some health problems, it is good to know that the insurance company can refuse to insure a certain disease. For high insurance premiums exceeding one or two million, a medical examination is usually always necessary.

It is also true that two illnesses may not break out, it is not stipulated in the contract. This waiting time is u pojioven ti or est msc. If the insurance event actually occurs after the expiry of the waiting period, it is necessary to notify you in writing and enclose medical documentation. Evaluate the professional knowledge of the insurance company and if you do not find any discrepancies, the insurance company will usually pay the pension within 15 days.

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