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You can insure yourself against falling ice, but the homeowner must not neglect anything

Hundreds of people all over the Czech Republic have been looking for two things in recent days: a photo camera and contact to the owner of the house in front of which they parked. If they poured their car under a blanket of icicles and avalanche ice, they could only hide themselves if the code was paid for by the first property owner. Only the insured give me a sudden surprise.

If the icicle damages the car, take a picture of the code, or get witnesses. From the pictures taken, it must be clear that the accident was really caused by fallen snow. Then you must report the event to the owner of the house from which the ice and snow fell. The owner of the house has been responsible for the subject of the roof since last year.

Some connection providers can take part in the toll-free lines of their call centers, where the code can be reported directly.

If you have an agreed insurance bond, you will receive a pension from the insurance company as soon as possible. Then it is up to the insurance company to collect the insurance benefit from the property owner. The safety device against the object on the vehicle is usually connected in the basic package of the emergency safety device.

Even the insured owner of the house must not neglect his duties

In order for the homeowner to avoid unexpected financial expenses, it is possible to hold a liability for the code of these persons.

Not only the owner, but also the tenant, as well as the property manager, often take out insurance liability. This means that you can insure yourself even if the owner of the house rests quietly in the house. Insurance liability for property owners, managers or tenants is usually agreed in addition to the insurance liability for the code of the citizen from ordinary civil life or to the insurance of buildings.

If the owner of the house has an agreed liability and the snow from his house damages another’s car and the way he is healthy, he should contact his insurance company immediately and report the code. “If it neglects any of its obligations, it may happen that the insurance company refuses to pay the code,” warns Milan Ka from Kooperativa. According to him, he warns that even in the case where the client has agreed insurance, he is obliged to precede the threat code.

If you have a document of all the weeds and you can’t reach the owner of the house, you can arrange for the car to be repaired. In the case of these codes, the connection procedure is the same as in the event of a fault, theft or traffic accident.

“In the case of a property code, the first to be replaced is the replacement of the code for a period of three years. In case of injury, it is a period of ten years, ”said Renata Svobodov from esk podnikatelská pojiovny.

If the owner of the house has a liability, he must pay the code from his own home. Likewise, the community of owners must be divided into the created name according to the individual owners in the house. If you have problems with the code paid, you can go to court.

Variants of the scope of insurance liability and limits of performance
code on healthy code on vci Financial code
2,000,000 crowns 1,000,000 crowns 500,000 crowns
4,000,000 crowns 2,000,000 crowns 750,000 crowns
6,000,000 crowns 3,000,000 crowns 1,000,000 crowns
Source: esk business insurance company. The table shows the maximum amounts that the bond will fill.
Ron’s insurance premium for a typical new house ranges from 381 crowns to 933 crowns.

The village is responsible for the peace of the sidewalks

If you break your leg on an uncast sidewalk, it’s best to get witnesses. Take phone numbers for people who saw them on the ground. If no one is around, the city will at least take a picture on your mobile phone. The photo of the house in front of which you fell should also be visible in the photos. Then it is important to find out who is responsible for the viability of the sidewalk. Since 2009, they are municipalities. The village then write in writing about the compensation created by the codes.

If you visit the drug once, give all signs of injuries. The village will ask for them, as well as photos of the city of the accident.


A 35-year-old man slips on the ice, earning 30,000 crowns a month. With a complicated fracture, one MSc remains in the hospital and five MSc are unable to work.
In tomto ppad in:
– compensation for pain about 40 thousand crowns
– compensation for loss due to around 90 thousand crowns
– Reimbursement of the cost of only about 20 thousand crowns
– In this case, the total cost of reimbursing the health code can reach 150,000 crowns, in the event that this time it will not have lasting consequences.

Due to the circumstances, only the code caused by falling ice and snow from the roofs was added. In the cracks, Nuslch icicle fell into a cork with a toddler. After being hit by ice, a boy from Tborsko remained unconscious for nine years. Hundreds go with connection codes on vehicles. – tte Padajc icicle injured a toddler in a cork, how much ice he deprived of

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