Friday May 20, 2022

You can’t just open a bank abroad. The bank will always find a reason

Domestic banks open them to people from other EU countries without any problems. On the other hand, you always come up with something abroad. Sometimes it’s proof of income, other times I want a testimony of your integrity from a long-term client.

It all started because he asked me about the advice of a hunter who has lived in Belgium for twenty years. He asked me if he would open me up in the Czech Republic. At that moment, it occurred to me nothing more than to call the hotline of two of our banks, and I asked about the conditions necessary for the opening of a regular party by a citizen of another EU country.

In esk spoiteln and Komern banka, opertoi told me that it was necessary for him to take a passport with him and go with one certificate of identity. These two documents will be enough to open here. Of course, the foreigner had to drink and start in person.

The foreigner actually arrived in the Czech Republic at the branch and managed to open it. A bank employee was interested in whether he currently had any income with us (for example, employment, etc.). Even with a negative answer, the foreigner managed to enter the account.

The HSBC wanted confirmation from the employer

Subsequently, I visited your country and tried to open up as a citizen of the Czech Republic. In the UK, I visited HSBC Bank in Luton, about 50 km north of London. I called the bank first and I was sure I only needed two documents. Passport and gave proof of identity. At a personal visit to the bank, an employee introduced me to HSBC worldwide in about ten minutes and the benefits of the bank. The bank’s messenger, in particular, made it more expensive for a client to make a recommendation.

Eventually, the bank became interested in opening my money here at their bank. So I presented two proofs of integrity. After a long discussion, he asked me if I would like to send my salary. I said no. He then asked me if I could present him with a confirmed employer regarding income for the last two years and, in addition, translated into English. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that. I considered his request to be somewhat non-standard and unambiguous beyond the scope of the necessary documents.

Unfortunately, an HSBC employee was not able to explain to me what he wanted. He simply replied that without this confirmation he would not open. Although his requirements were beyond what the legislation required, I clearly did not succeed with it. It was definitely the information I received over the phone that I had a problem with the back of my passport and other documents.

The KBC wanted to find out, among other things, the balance here at another bank

I joined KBC in Antwerp, Belgium, in a similarly positive mood. The employee of the local branch did not deal with the introductory bank, but embarked directly on one’s problem. From the bottom it looked smooth. She didn’t care about my reasons. In addition, I arrived armed with a confirmation from the employer regarding the income. That’s to pedeel the awkward situation from the UK. Paradoxically, she was not interested in my income, although I offered her this confirmation.

A bank employee took Peru for ten minutes once to consult with an enthusiast. After a pause, she hurried that she would need a reference from another bank about the average balance here in the last twelve months. When I asked the reason for such a document, she told me, just like in Great Britain, that these are internal regulations. I didn’t succeed again, or I didn’t have the required document.

At ABN AMRO, they wanted a reference from the bank’s client

ABN AMRO in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, have been convinced since the arrest that the best way to open up here is in the case of the first person opened under a Dutch identification office. Of course, I insisted on my own and I wanted to open up as a citizen of the Czech Republic. A worker and a colleague told me that I would be the first citizen of R to open at their branch, but he confirmed to me that you would either open a Belgian or a German there. Tm pdem assured me that I do not want anything zakzanho.

In addition to the personal documents, they issued a confirmation from the employer (I had that which surprised them), but they took out one trump card. As he gave the condition, they issued a guarantee that one of the existing ABN AMRO clients “guaranteed” me. That really surprised me. I emphasized to them that I didn’t mean to drink at the bank, but only to spoit. As a result, he was unhappy and left unmarried.

Vocabulary, inconsistency of requirements and absence of explanations

All those branches with a duty opened here abroad ended up in a hurry. Despite the fact that all banks state on their telephone lines and in promotional materials that there are two hundred documents of identity opened abroad.

A characteristic feature of all nvtv was the awareness of open accounts by foreigners. The added documents, which were requested by me, clearly allowed me not to start in the end. Nobody explained the reason to me.

Personally, I think the only way to set up an account in these countries is to get a job with a local employer. In another case, do not have much power.

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