Wednesday May 25, 2022

You do not have to have a letter to file a defective item. Witness vm sta

The confirmed grain sheet for many people is a safeguard for possible claims of goods. Its exposed but not automatically. You must ask the seller for it. Then it is his duty to confirm the letter in writing.

It gave him a consumer protection bill. According to Miloslava Flglov, the press spokesman of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority is not issued a mature letter to the seller, unless the buyer agrees.

The seller confirms the ripening of the leaf in the case, if the ripening provides a time limit for the product and some of its function for a period of more than two years. In such a case, the conditions and scope of the extended earnings must be determined.

You do not need a complaint letter

However, the issued grain sheet is not always necessary for a complaint.

“To file a complaint, the customer only needs to prove that the seller sells a certain product share on a certain day. Therefore, the buyer does not need a mature letter to file a complaint, but will send him a thin, ie proof of purchase, or a bank statement proving that he is buying only witness statements, ”explains Luk Zelen, head of the first advisory dTest.

Zrun list must contain the prescribed data

Make clear what the properly exposed grain leaf should look like. Must contain:

  • name and surname, name or business name of the seller
  • identified slo prodvajcho
  • sdlo if it is a first person, or to live if it is a natural person

If it is necessary with regard to the provided cancellation, the seller must explain the content of the provided cancellation in a clear letter, stating its scope, conditions, period of validity and the way in which the seller applies the claims.

He gave the obligation to the seller to issue them with an issued proof of purchase of the product. It must also contain mandatory data:

  • date of sale
  • list sparrow
  • at what price he was known
  • identified gives prodvajcho

“All the obligatory provision of written information, ie instructions, receipt and proof of purchase, is the seller’s obligation to buy in the Czech language,” says Zelen.

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