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You do not need to have proof of payment of the obligatory guarantee with you. One hundred green card

Theoretically, one of the codes from the obligatory ruen is simple. Make the code and pay it to the insurance company from your obligatory liability. Only in practice do problems usually appear. Some ambiguous situation is explained by Jakub Hradec from the Czech office of the insurer.

1. What happens when he drives the code and drove a car that was not required to drive? What code is it for?
Damaged, turn to the Czech office of the insurer. She will pay the code from the KP guarantee fund. KP will then extort the code from the culprit. If the non-payable person does not pay the debt or conclude an agreement on fulfillment within the set deadline, the CP will refer the case to an external party, in the next stage then the court.

2. What happens when the wind, driving a non-road vehicle, in a country accident?

In such a case, the office insurer asserts a claim against the ddic.

3. Is it necessary to have, in addition to the green card, proof of payment of compulsory insurance in the event of a police check?
Proof of payment of compulsory liability is not a “proof of insurance liability for the code caused by the operation of the vehicle”, to require its submission in the inspection of the first law. When operating a car, you must have a green card with you, if you do not have one, make a misdemeanor, for which you can get a fine and three thousand crowns.

4. When will the method of driving go (and not known) be replaced by the Czech insurer?

If the accident is investigated by the police and the code for health has been caused, I am injured to contact KP. If the bag is a code only on the property, the insurer cannot pay it from the guarantee fund. This may be the case for someone to code on a parked vehicle. I can damage my accident insurance.

5. How are the sanctions for those who have a car and a non-compulsory liability?

The offenses are discussed by the first authorities (police incident), who also impose fines:
– Operating vehicles without insurance: 5,000 and 40,000 crowns.
– Do not submit the license plate to the “deposit” (sanction for the owner of the vehicle): 2,500 and 20,000 crowns.
– Non-presentation of a green card to a police officer during a roadside check (sanctions for driving vehicles): 1,500 and 3,000 crowns, in block women’s: 1,500 crowns.
– In addition, for each day when the vehicle was not insured, the owner and operator of the vehicle pay a contribution to the guarantee fund esk office insurer. The daily rate of the contribution varies from 20 to 300 crowns, depending on the type of vehicle. The contribution increases on each day when the vehicle is unlocked, and the costs are applied and redeemed.

6. What to do with the vehicle in case of death of the owner? Do we have to pay the required money?

In the event of the death of the owner, perform the duties of the owner of the vehicle according to the law of his heirs, in the event of more than one heir, the one who was authorized to do so by others. If no one has been authorized, then these duties shall be performed by the court designated by the ddictv administrator.

Until the evidence is settled, it is probably best to put the vehicle in a so-called “deposit”, in the vehicle register, keep the license plates and leave the car out of service. This will avoid the obligation to pay the required liability.

7. Is it better for the victim to contact the connection culprit, or is it appropriate to use the services of a specialized agency? They exchange things from the insurance company, you also for the profit.
The insurance company does not refuse to pay for what the insurance company is entitled to. So there is no reason to use the services of someone who forced the victim with his offer, for example, in the city of an accident. Always call your insurance company or its contracted assistance company from the accident site.

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