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You don’t choose death, you can influence the entitlement to the widow’s pension

The death of a life partner brings with it, in addition to great sorrow, a significant financial impact. However, I do not automatically have the right to a widow’s and widower’s pension. The people who have two preferences for life in a heap will not get it. It also decides whether a farmer would be entitled to a disability pension on the day of his death.

According to the Czech Social Security Administration, there are many cases when people who do not have a first year claim for a survivor’s pension.

do not find the estate door on the stack

“Entitlement to a widow’s and widower’s pension originated only if the deceased person was a husband of the estate. On this retirement will not come dn, who will not take the marriage. There is not even a registered partner in two years, ”points out Roman Lang, an expert in the Czech Social Security Administration (SSZ).

Those who live together only on the dog and one of the partners suffers from a disease called or perform a risky profession, it pays to know whether the furnace is better to enter into the union.

The widow, widower and orphans take the survivor’s pension

If you are married, it is good to know that the right to a widow’s or widower’s pension will not last for one year from the date of the country’s life partner if the necessary conditions are met. If you remarry or be lost, you will lose your widow’s and widower’s pension.

The children are entitled to an orphan’s pension after the parent he cared for. If you study and prepare for the future, you will receive the pension until you are 26 years old. Two-sided orphans are entitled to an orphan’s pension after each parent.

In the working class and dead dchodce is nrok clear

An automatic claim to a double will occur if, for example, the husband or wife dies at work. You can also deal with the survivor’s pension if you or his wife were in a disability or old-age pension. Or even in the case that even at the time of death they were not in the old-age pension, but they had a claim to it.

In other situations, when a tragic accident occurs, in which the young and the breadwinner perish, the decision on whether he or she is entitled to a survivor’s pension decides whether the farmer would be entitled to a disability pension on the day of his or her death.

If the land hunter is 28 years old, it must first be ascertained whether the pension was insured in the last ten years before death for at least five years. For the 38-year-old, it has been determined since January this year whether he has been connected for ten years in the last twenty years. For people who died before reaching the age of 28, the insurance period will be extended several times.

Sometimes it pays to pay extra pension insurance

Experience shows that some countries do not meet the necessary time to pay for a disability pension. He left a wife or a man, including children will not receive a crown.

These are cases where such a breadwinner was long-term unemployed or out of his disputes and did not pay his pension insurance for a long time. They are also about artists, athletes, writers and other free professions, who did not have to pay for retirement until last year and did not have to meet the condition of the necessary time to join.

If it is also the case and suffer from a disease called you, it is good to sign up for a retirement insurance as soon as possible and pay the insurance premium. This will ensure that your spouse is entitled to a retirement pension who, in the event of their death, is able to overcome their financial problems and more easily maintain the standard of living they are used to.

A year in two can bet or renew

In specific cases, the survivor’s pension can reach much in less than a year. Wrong, however, on whether you meet the prescribed conditions.

This is, for example, a situation where you continue to care for dependent children. Or cases where you have to take care of your birth or the birth of a deceased husband, you go with them at home and who become upright in your home. If you stop fulfilling the conditions, the entitlement to the survivor’s pension will expire and the payment of pensions will stop.

There is a possibility that this year may be renewed, if within five years from the date on which the widow’s or widower’s pension expires, meet one of the prescribed conditions.

Since January, stt has confirmed

You will receive a widow’s or widower’s pension for a long time or will renew it if you have reached a certain age. However, the new age limit has not been fixed since January (55 years for women and 58 years for women), but it is mobile and applies to anyone to whom a man or woman has a country after 31 December 2009.

If a life partner is lost after this date, the age limit for renewing two new ones gradually increases. You born in 1953, who raised your children and widows this year, will renew your entitlement to two at the age of 58. “The law is related to the extension of the retirement age,” notes Roman Lang.

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