Friday May 20, 2022

You have euros and dollars in Czech, kuna and abroad

In the case of payment cards, people with pensions abroad do not have to worry much about exchanging pensions at home, and if they run out abroad, you simply withdraw them from an ATM. But is it worth it?

The fees that banks will collect for withdrawals abroad are definitely not small. For a collection of 100 euros, you will pay an additional 151 crowns at esk spoitelny. It is better to deal with the necessary cash in advance. Hur to Croatia During the summer season, Croatian kuna can be easily booked in foreign exchange and Czech banks. It is not a problem to get there if you can with crowns and in local exchange offices, banks, but also in pots and travel agencies to exchange them for crowns.

Here, too, you have to charge a fee for the shift of me bt and three percent. It pays to change and take revenge? A little bit: the purchase of 1000 kuna will cost 4,000 crowns in esk spoiteln. In Croatia, according to the information of the Croatian Tourist Board, you will get a bag of about 50 kuna more for the same stack. Pay the euro in total without any problems and you will get the local currency back. The ATM is quite good, the islands are a bit poor.

Dinr and Egyptian pounds in Ecu are not to me

If you are going to Egypt, multiply with dollars. The city is gradually turned into Egyptian pounds. Gradually because the exchange is not possible and only 1000 of them can be exported from the country, and it would be necessary to buy everything you see at the end of the stay so that you can use the pension in some way. Similarly, according to CK Horizon Travel in Tunisia, you can change only 30 percent of what you have exchanged back in currency. It is therefore good to keep thin. The easiest way to travel to Tunisia is with the euro. Euros and dollars are a good thing for me when you go to Bulgaria.

In direct shops, however, you do not pay hard in any of these countries, the exchange rate is not suitable for the customer, and traders, according to the experience of tourists, sometimes spend it very separately. You will use the cards in Tunisia and Egypt only for withdrawal from an ATM,
pay with them a lot ned. Basically, you don’t have to use ordinary electronic cards at all. Bulgaria is still untouched by credit cards, so spend your cash here.

Union country card payment without a problem

Spain, Italy, France, Greece sunny euro and euro. The exchange of crowns for euros is not a problem in the Czech Republic. In European countries, perhaps only with the exception of Greek islands, pay by card without sweat. In all stores with certainty, but usually also in smaller stores. Here, too, it is true that an embossed card with plastic embossed data is more usable than an electronic card.

who is the cheapest?

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