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You have to take care of the life insurance. Otherwise, do not paralyze the family in time

They often make mistakes in life insurance. And they also like some connecting agents. We mistakenly believe that it is best to take out a life insurance policy for five years. The point is that if you take out insurance once, you can rest easy and don’t have to worry about anything.

Insurance companies can rub their hands. 51 percent of the adult population accounted for some form of life insurance. A survey by the Czech Association of Connectors (AP) has revealed that most life-assured people cannot live properly.

If you are considering a life insurance policy or have it closed, experts recommend that you avoid several serious mistakes.

Do not confuse life insurance with spoen

Close life insurance mainly to financially secure your family in case something happens to you. If you have opted for a combined life insurance that can be connected at the same time, it is important to set the optimal ratio between the connection and the insurance protection.

Most of them, however, have this ratio set incorrectly. According to the findings of the AP, people usually pay two percent of insurance premiums and only 25 percent for insurance coverage. If this is also the case, it is important to increase the insurance coverage, otherwise life insurance will not provide the family financially in the event of an unexpected tragic event.

How types of life insurance can be arranged
How types of life insurance can be arranged
ivotn pojitn Death risk cover Monost pipojitn * Spoc sloka
Riskikov ivotn pojitn YEAR YEAR BORN
Kapitlov ivotn pojitn:


pojitn dt


Investin ivotn pojitn

* Mono connective: in case of an accident, in case of called illness, in case of disability

Source: esk association pojioven

Beware of undercarriage

When setting up the insurance policy that you want the insurance company to pay out to your loved ones in the event of death, it is necessary to start from the standard of living to which the family is accustomed. At the same time, consider how much you can afford to pay for life insurance.

When proposing how many crowns the family should get from the insurance company, always start from your daily income. In order for the family not to experience a radical decline in life even, the insurance policy should be in the range of two and five salaries.

If you earn, for example, 20 thousand crowns, insure your life on the bank in the range of 480 thousand and 1.2 million crowns.

Don’t forget to update the fuse

If you took out a life insurance policy a few years ago, it is a good idea to update it from time to time. Over the years, your income may have changed, you may have filed a new home and paid off your mortgage, or your wife is allowed to go to the family for maternity leave. The overall life situation in your family has changed, which should be reflected in life insurance.

In particular, make sure that you re-set a sufficient number of individual fuses. If you have agreed to connect some, always update only the ones you really need.

Long-term life insurance against short-term

According to the AP, people often take out a life insurance policy for five years, and once the insurance contract expires, they take out a new one. But this makes the remnant break through. When a new insurance policy is taken out, new entrance fees are paid and the health condition is examined, which is reflected in the price.

therefore, always arrange life insurance for at least ten years. Short insurance is a good increase only if you need to cover short-term risk, for example, when you take a car on a lease, meet the mortgage and a high return.

Long-term life insurance policies, which end in the age of 60, are suitable. You can dream of tax and pay income tax. According to the current rules, the tax deposit from which it can be deducted can be reduced by 12 thousand crowns.

It is often possible to insure life in billions

According to a survey by AP, a number of young people postpone life insurance and later. times, illness or death with a bag of sun. Few people know that insuring these risks separately is always more expensive than when you arrange them together with life insurance. rad

Check your insurance, compare all offers on the market and choose the most suitable one.

Find out everything

Taking out life insurance at a young age can pay off for especially active people who practice sports or those who are at risk. In addition to the risk of death and death, it is good to keep in mind the associated disability.

Zruit insurance pedasn does not pay off financially

Due to the loss of the city, a number of people are now deciding that they would rather cancel their life insurance in order to improve it so that the family budget can be tightened. However, terminating the contract early is financially inappropriate and, according to experts, always delay this decision. In addition, you will lose insurance protection.

If you are unable to pay the insurance because your income has fallen sharply, try to find one together with the insurance company. Apply for a deferral of the payment period or a reduction of the insurance premium and you are dreaming that you will have to cancel the insurance contract in excess.

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