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you offer banks for investment free of charge

The first step for investing is the signing of a commission contract. The second zzen here. Especially if you choose a bank other than your own as a finance manager. But you don’t have to worry about the fee.

Anyone who wants to invest in securities, such as shares, must have a wall with most domestic banks. In some banks they give you a choice of several types, in others they offer only investment.

However, you usually invest cashless in securities, so in a bank that mediates trades, we can only make transfers easier. The conditions of the bag have domestic banks set differently. It is kept in several months and you usually do not pay daily fees for it. Not even for entries.

In Citibank you need et bn and investin

Most banks do not force investors to marry here first in their bank. This does not mean that you will be left without an account. If the other “standard” bank has no interest, the bank has set up at least an investment.

“Investin et is a special type of technical commonplace that is used by clients to make clear cash flows when investing. This fund can be used to transfer funds for investment, to buy investment instruments such as shares, mutual funds, bonds, premium deposits, collect deposits and send funds released after the sale of investment instruments, ”explains Hana Trhoov from esk spoitelny’s press center. Banks usually run them in several monks, e.g. in Czech Korunch, euros, British pounds, US dollars.

However, you cannot do at least two tons only at Citibank. If you want to invest through this bank, you must open at least one Citi account. This is a necessary condition for the marriage of another, her free investment here. You can get both for free if your assets in Citibank amount to CZK 500,000. Otherwise, pay 299 crowns for the maintenance.

Table: Overview of investinch t
Bank B is required at the bank wall Oznaen technickho you

(v % p. a.)

Citibank year Investin and 0 free *
esk spoitelna born Investin et for the provision of investment services from 0 – 1 ** free of charge
LBBW year Investin and 0 free ***
Raiffeisenbank born Bn investin and 0 free of charge
UniCredit Bank year T-and 0 free ****
Volksbank year Bn spoic and 2,53 free of charge

Explanations: B = bn et; Komern banka did not invest in clients; SOB and PS broker the investment through Patria Direct, therefore in the error table; mBank does not invest in securities yet in its offer at all
Note: * only with assets in Citibank over CZK 500,000
** by me
*** except for the fee for interbank payment system
**** only selected services

In LBBW, UniCredit Bank and Volksbank you have a choice

Also in LBBW and UniCredit Bank, you have to deal with a new account if you choose these financial houses first as the manager of your investments. However, unlike Citibank, choose between several types of t.

At LBBW, you can get bnho, spoicho tu or investinho tu bids here. “We provide all these types of accounts free of charge. Establishment, management and eventual cancellation is free of charge, ”says Martina Lambert, LBBW spokesperson. You just have to take into account the fact that the investment can be used exclusively for securities trading and pensions stored on the bank nero.

The UniCredit Bank client chooses only between the existing current or the new T (technical). “If this technical code is exclusively for business purposes, it is created, maintained and canceled here free of charge. In addition, cash deposits per bank, domestic incoming payments, one cash withdrawal or one standard outgoing domestic payment and one year of confirmation are included, ”said Tom Pavlk, UniCredit Bank’s press spokesman.

Bn et is a condition for investing in shares and other securities also at Volksbank. Here, too, you can look for anything from the bank’s offer. At present, the bank recommends its Bn spoic et (originally Bn investin et). The bank runs internet banking completely free of charge. In addition, the deposit here appreciates by 2.53% ron.

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