Wednesday May 25, 2022

You will forget about working at the hotel, the city will be small by the end of the year

He will get a lot of work by the end of the year. Restaurants and hotels hls razantn propoutn. Pessimism also came as a surprise in the business world. Banks and insurance companies, on the other hand, intend to hire new employees.

While six percent of the employer intended to recruit new people, eight percent will be dismissed. The remaining 84 percent of the employer did not anticipate a change. This follows from the Labor Market Index, which was carried out by the Manpower personnel agency among more than 750 employers throughout the Czech Republic.

“There is still a lot of pessimism in the labor market. It maintains the atmosphere of the whole economy, which is a sign of optimism from the aftermath of the crisis, but also the aspects resulting from the recession. Be more cautious, dream-intensive, put pressure on the growth of productivity, efficiency and competitiveness with fewer employees, ”to Jaroslava Rezlerov, CEO of Manpower in R. According to them, however, the European economy is stabilizing in Germany.

The work will be in finances, you will forget about the job in the hotel
People work mainly in the sector of finance, insurance and real estate, which in the forecast reached the positive population. The employer intends to hire new employees in this area. Compared to the summer months, it is a big change for the better. The new town will appear especially in transport and storage. This divv hls market index works in values ​​plus three percent compared to ltu.

According to the results, the worst situation will be in the area of ​​hostels and canteens. Job seekers in this industry have poor prospects for the fourth quarter of this year. The labor index is even minus 22 percent. Compared to the previous quarter, it fell significantly by 19 percent, in the interim year-on-year it fell by seven percent. “It is, of course, the bottom that the tourist season is over, but still the index is very low,” Rezlerov said. “It can be seen that this area has been hit hardest by the recession.”

Discount pensions and restaurants

Many hotels and restaurants throughout the country need a sharp decline. The reason is clear. People do not have pensions due to the economic crisis, many of them drank work, and so on. You should rather shorten your stay in hotels and guesthouses and choose restaurants according to the prices of the offer.

“Yes, I agree with the forecast that the situation in the area of ​​hostels and canteens is very bad. But it is not just the prospects for the quarter of a quarter of this year. We have seen a decline, for example, from the second quarter, ”to Petr ot, the director of the Zlat hvzda hotel in Tyzdov, who told Tebon in the capital of South Bohemia. First, this city is one of the most visited cities in the Czech Republic in the summer season.

Seven-percent percent of the hotel’s clientele is ei, the rest are guests from abroad. “The decline can be seen mainly in the canteen, by about thirty percent compared to last year. There is a decrease of ten percent in hostels. We reduced the price of meals in the restaurant and we started to offer special stays for packages, he started to eat, ”he added. He doesn’t mean dismissing employees in his mind, but I’m not optimistic about the situation. “If we started with the redundancy, we would reduce the quality of service, and we definitely don’t want that.”

But they are also zazen, who has not been honored by the recession yet. “We do not register a decline in the number of clients, on the contrary, our clients pibvaj. We have reasonable prices, which do not change for several years, and the darkness of the fact that the guest escapes from the pedraench hotel, ”to Ladislav Trpk, the owner of a family pension in the center of Czech Budjovice.

A similarly critical situation in hostels and restaurants is abroad. Prices are falling all over Europe. It is possible to see discounted offers of accommodation and affordable prices for food.

“While a double room in the center of Lyon costs 119 euros, now it was 43 euros, even though the tourist season is in full swing. Such cheap hotels can be found in the city, although it is usually common with accommodation problems, ”says Lenka Kuerov, who regularly travels to France to see her daughter.

It won’t cover it at night

The employer in the field of agriculture, hunting and forestry assumes a bad turn of the year, where the decline is understandable again due to the end of the season.

It is a well-known surprise, however, that retail and wholesale, where the labor market index fell to minus seven percent, also intended to pass out, while in the third quarter it was at positive values. “It is obvious that Christmas will not be covered this year. According to me, the decline is affected by unemployment and less by the willingness of banks to provide consumer wisdom, ”explains Rezlerov.

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