Monday May 23, 2022

You won! The trick that home sellers often get

Door-to-door sellers can always praise their goods. They are masters of business leaps and tactics. Experience confirms that their fintm can easily succumb even to those who think that such sellers do not have a day to go.

Zvkat vs me her invitation itself. “Drink, you get a mobile phone, bigger, a trip for a low price including a valuable gift,” the servant, who arrives at your inbox, will announce it. You will find out if you will actually get the promised dragon just for coming, but at the previous event.

“Very often it is announced about vhe. And instead of the customer, you will find out that in order to achieve the game, it is necessary to conclude a very unsuitable purchase contract. People often let themselves be persuaded, they eventually agree to the purchase and conclude a contract, ”points out Jan Votoka, speaking to Sdruen Defense Consumer (SOS).

Demonstrated that cannot be rejected

Sellers who want to present goods directly in your apartment can easily get in with other clever tactics. “We have contact with you from your good acquaintance. He bought the goods and now get a hefty discount, when you let the goods be introduced to you, ”says the trick on which most people flourish. Depriving the birds of a discount could kiln good relationships.

If you accept the offer and invite the seller to your house, it is good to know that you will not be able to shake the purchased one. “In the case of contracts for which the consumer expressly agrees to the supplier at the end of the order, it is not valid for them to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without any reason,” the SOS spokesman warns.

Also with the fact that the goal of many door-to-door sellers is not only to sell goods, but also to gather contacts for potential buyers. Even the most expensive kites can offer a discount on the price. They can make a phone call from a few of your close ones, which have more value for them, not what they give me for contacts.

Special shit about Manelsk Ave.

A clever trick when drawing customers to an event is the fact that only a small person and not an individual can get a drink or a large product for the demonstrated product. If the seller gets both spouses at the previous event, he will be able to sell the money and prevent the buyer from buying the house after the return of the house and will try to shake it up.

“Experienced salespeople can keep the husband in such a condition during the presentation that they do not have time to consult about the purchase. At the same time, Manel gets the feeling that his wife wants her, she again feels that she wants Manel. Only at home will he find out that he didn’t really want to buy any of them, ”Votoka points out. It is therefore a good idea to agree in advance how to tell your partner what you really think about the purchase.

They are especially careful at presentations, where they show you goods that can guarantee positive effects on health. “For example, a consumer bought a detox for her sick husband. But the product had no other way, on the contrary, it was harmful to health. During the presentation of this product, an emphasis was placed on unethical conduct. The seller suggested that when the product was not purchased, the owner actually lost his mind, ”says Votoka about one of the cases that helped SOS.

I will be blinded by a single baldness

Some sellers use presentations and give proven business practices at presentations. They can make you feel like you’ve received a time-limited offer that won’t be repeated. “First we write the establishment, we liquidate the warehouses, let’s celebrate the company’s round,” they can claim.

It happens to me that the seller gets a feeling of play. Not everyone will be able to buy the product, but only the people who draw the seller. The rest can be congratulated and applauded. The feeling of joy that you have won something in life, weakening or vigilance, you cannot despise the game and you will sign the purchase contract. “According to our experience, this practice is very inn,” to Votoka.

Also try fraudulent tricks that you don’t have to perform at all. You will be shown that the sellers will show you how great the goods are. When you unpack it at home, find out that you took something else, not an idea. Therefore, always check the purchase of goods at all times.

Don’t sign a document you don’t want

Each presentation usually lasts two hours and sometimes according to. At the same time, traders try to present the product perfectly. “In this case, the promotion of the event is more appropriate, not to buy in a regular store. But don’t know what the salesperson at the previous event is about. When you don’t understand him, don’t be afraid to ask, “SOS recommends speaking.

In this way, make sure that the stated price is wrong, including the value added tax, whether it is necessary to pay a deposit when buying and how long to pay the rest of the price. Ask for bead and trombone service as well. If you are considering buying on vr, have all the details of vrov contract explained. At the sales event, which takes place outside the apartment, do not forget to ask whether you can shake the goods within 14 days without any reason. With such a purchase, you have it first according to the law.

Business tricks are used by sellers even when signing the purchase contract. As a rule, they always create a situation so that you sign the contract quickly and do not have time to understand it. And then find out at home that you made a fatal mistake.

If the seller offers you to take the purchased goods or take them from the previous event directly to your apartment, they will also be careful. When you receive the goods at home, you can underline the document, which is a clause to the purchase agreement and its signing, you can significantly change the terms of the purchase, for example, give up the first goods. Therefore, always follow the rule: Never sign anything that you do not thoroughly read.

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