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Zddn stavebn spoen: what are you looking for?

How to proceed in the event that a building society accident occurs? Who has the first and the obligation to sign his contract? Will it affect his own building savings in any way? Will he be able to receive sttn support from both contracts at the same time?

The case of a building society deadline is directly related to the building savings bank .96 / 1993 Coll. in valid stamp How to deal with the contract is stated in 8. The connection will either be taken over by one of the survivors, or it will be terminated and connected to the bottom.

First of all, the first and the obligations arising from the building savings automatically to the surviving spouse. If the spouse is not, the building connection is the subject of the day, only if the shareholders agree in the agreement on the birth certificate that the first and the obligations from the building connection will be taken over by one of them. In the event that such agreements are not reached, the contract expires and in childhood only the savings of the year in question and the proportion of the amount of support as of the date of the death of the building society are paid.

Sttn support in case of a wall contract

For all contracts concluded before the end of 2003, the general rule is that each participant of the building society has only one claim to sttn support. In the case of concluding a free contract, an exception is paid and one participant will have two contracts with partial support at the same time, if they have their own.

According to the general salary, for the payment of the state support it is necessary to comply with at least five years and six years time spoen. Therefore, if the ddic terminates the contract two, the claim for sttn support is lost. The exception is the case when the children agreed that the day of them will not continue in the contract. Withdrawal support is payable here on the day of the death, regardless of the length of the long-term contract and each of the children will receive a proportional amount.

Perhaps a little surprising are the rules for setting the amount of support that the overall beneficiary will receive if, in addition to their own contracts, they can run a contract. The result may be different, it might not seem at first glance. The complication is caused by the fact that in terms of state support, two rules apply. Contracts are differentiated according to the date of agreement. Sttn support for contracts negotiated after 1 January 2004, it is not for contracts negotiated before that date. The following table summarizes the string differences.

Table . 1

Rules for urns in the state of support in a calendar year
contract negotiated until 31.12.2003 contract negotiated from 1.1.2004
percent of ron uspoen stky 25% 15%
maximln uspoen stka as component SP 18 000 K 20 000 K
maximln ron ve SP 4 500 K 3 000 K
number of concurrent contracts with SP jedin unlimited
minimln vzac lhta pro vplatu SP 5 let 6 let
nkter gave rules If the contract was concluded by 31.12.2003, but as of 31.12.2004 no SP was applied to it, the SP can now be applied to it only in accordance with the amendment (max. 3,000 crowns). SP deposits are gradually remitted, preferably from successful contracts for two concluded contracts, while the total sum of SP deposits for all contracts of a participant in the last calendar year may not exceed 3,000 K.
At the time when the participant writes SP according to the first regulations valid until the end of 2003 (4,500 K), I do not write SP according to the amendment (3,000 K).

Source: Fincentrum; SP = sttn support

The total amount of support obtained in the case of own and successful contracts

For simplicity, I will announce here the contract concluded by 31.12.2003 as old”And the contract concluded under the amendment after 1.1.2004 as new.

It would seem that in the case of a good building society, its new owner will receive from each contract a simple support that corresponds to the date of its agreement. Take, for example, if he owns an old contract negotiated in 2003 and a new contract negotiated in 2004, he should get a total of 4,500 crowns and 3,000 crowns. Or, if both contracts of the old type are negotiated in 2003, for one the support is in the amount of 4,500 crowns and for the other 3,000 crowns (see Table 2, temporary provision), it should also receive a total of 7,500 crowns. That’s not the case. Overall, I am a little surprised in the acknowledgment of support.

Table . 2

Tab. . 2: Selected provisions of the building savings law concerning the aid

10 – Including aid:

(2) Provided advance payment of 15% of the savings in the last calendar year, maximum bag of 20,000 K.

(3) A participant who is a natural person and meets the conditions set out in paragraph 4, and who has concluded several contracts in one calendar year, shall be entitled to support for those contracts for which he has submitted his letter in writing. In doing so, the amounts of the aid amount shall be progressively referred to, preferably from the successful checks on the two contracts concluded, the total sum of the aid amounts of the aid for all contracts of the participant in the last calendar year not exceeding the limit specified in paragraph 2.

Pechodn established:

(3) The right to state support according to the existing first regulations does not arise in the case of a contract concluded before the date of acquisition of this Act, for which the participant on 31 December of the year in which this Act becomes active did not receive the state support according to the current first regulations. At the time when the participant receives support in accordance with the existing first regulations, I do not receive support in accordance with this Act.

Source: Fincentrum

Two star contracts: each special is assessed
In the case of a pair of old contracts, each of them is assessed separately. If there is 25% of the aid paid on both annuals, their owner will receive a contract for each contract and CZK 4,500.

If both of these contracts include annual support in the amount of 15% of the savings, it is possible to receive a payment on each of them and 3,000 crowns. This is a case where the contracts were agreed to go according to the old law, but as of 31.12.2004 there was no annual support for them. If their owner has been claiming state support since 2005, it is only available in accordance with the amendment. (See paragraph temporarily set out in Table. 2)

Two new contracts: judge both together
In the case of contracts that were concluded after 1.1.2004, unlike in the given case, each case is not assessed separately, but together within one maximum limit of 3,000. 3,000 crowns then me bt pipsn for the second contract. The owner of two “new” contracts can get me a maximum of 3,000 crowns. (See 10, paragraph 3 in Table. 2)

Combination of old and new versions of sttn support: only one sttn support
So far, only examples have been given where both contracts included support for the same type. Either twice 25% or twice 15% of the ranks saved.

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If the bag for one contract is 25% support and for the other 15%, the participant will receive support from only one contract. In this case, it does not matter the date of their agreement or which contract is owned and which is due. The provisions of the amendment shall apply here. (See the temporary paragraph in the table. 2) In this case, take the client zsk sttn support only from the contract, where 25% of the deposit is claimed, does not receive anything from the type of contract. Therefore, if it is a combination of two old contracts, the 25% and 15% variant is slightly less appropriate than the 15% and 15% variant. In the first case you can get a maximum of 4,500 crowns, in the second and 6,000 crowns.

Have you ever had a problem with a building society contract in a child? What problems did you encounter in that?

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