Tuesday May 24, 2022

Znme vherce. The financial literacy test mobile travels west ech

Two hundred and nineteen representatives representing the number of those who flawlessly passed the entire megatest of financial literacy sat in the lottery. Anna Pytlkov from Domalice, the winner of the HTC smartphone, emerged from it.

At the lottery in the atrium of the iDNES.cz editorial office, the representatives of the editorial board met with the author of the test, Patrik Nacher, from the Bankovnipoplatky.com server. The addressed list includes the names of those who correctly answered all edest test results, 290 entries in destiny corresponded.

The winner was told a letter of 240. Mr. Pytlkov managed to call the mobile phone and verify her integrity. Because he is not going to Prague in the near future, he will take the game in Pilsen.

The test was prepared by the Bankovnipoplatky.com server in cooperation with the iDNES.cz editorial office. The event took place on both servers from April 20 to the end of May.

Only those who answered all the time, filled in their name and contact for self-registration on iDNES.cz, or in the form on the Bankovnipoplatky.com server could advance to the lottery for the main prize. It was described in the water article and in the rules of the competition.

It is true that no one finished and I have to know right from the head, so it was not limited in time and it was possible to look for help on the Internet.

The last test was not just to get caught up in the game, but to test their knowledge. E-mails from those who drank to the editorial address indicate that it made sense.

“I have to appreciate the patience and willingness to embark on a fight with 60 questions,” said test author Patrik Nacher. ovovn si knowledge, was uiten. It is possible without enthusiasm or that we have contributed to increasing financial awareness of the eight thousand people, ”adds.

We prepare a thorough analysis of the entire test at the end of June. Find out how the questions often swept and vice versa, where the correctness of the correct answers was great. The result is a lot of suggestions about the equal financial literacy of the nation, eight thousand respondents represent a very solid sample.

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